Our Objectives

As Clinichub Recovery House, one of our primary objectives is to support your recovery period and aftercare by providing healthy, clean and natural food. We are proud to offer nutritious and well-balanced meals, drinks, snacks to our precious guests.  Also, your meals are prepared using only organic and seasonal products by being avoided any harmful ingredients and artificial additives. Moreover, we only use healthy cooking methods such as steaming instead of frying method to alleviate your postoperative symptoms.

Our Food

All food given to you contains a certain amount of calories, vitamins and minerals considering your body and the type of your surgery. Our nutritionists prepared the detailed food menu to give your body just what it needs while recovering from surgery. Accordingly, all of the meals and snacks we serve contain multitudes of healthy compounds and vitamins, important substances like collagen and high fibre. In addition to that our nutrient-rich food will improve your immune system, increase the strength of your connective tissues and help your body fight off inflammation. As Clinichub Recovery House, we ease your aftercare and make every aspect of the surgical process more comfortable.

Full of health and delicious meals are served at the dining area. We hope you will enjoy a delighted mealtime.


We serve 3 main meals daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We provide two menu options;

  • Vegetarian (including legumes as a protein source)
  • Standard (including lean meat as a protein source)


We serve 2 different snacks daily.

We provide three snack varieties;

  • Organic and naturally produced fruits
  • Nuts and dried fruits produced in Turkey
  • Highly fibrous raw vegetables


In our kitchen area, we provided for you 7/24 drink choices;

  • Hot water and natural hot beverages (herbal tea varieties; helps to fight off the swelling which can be occured after the surgery)
  • Alkali water (It also refers to "sassy water" composed of cucumber, ginger, parsley, mint with high pH; this is full of antioxidants that helps to get rid of toxins in your body)
  • Detox Water prepared with a special recipe of our nutritionist (It includes fresh fruits and vegetables, which helps to reduce your postoperative swellings and imflammations and work your digest system well.)